Guarantee terms & Conditions


1. Manufacturer guarantees trouble free operation of the trailer provided it is used in normal environmental conditions for purpose it has been designed for and according manufacturer’s instructions.

2. This guarantee is valid 24 months from the date of sale upon presentation of proof of purchased and correcly filled out guarantee certificate.

3. Manufacturer guarantees that trailer and its accessories are free from faults in material, design of workmanship. This guarantee covers original Sorelpol parts and those of its sub suppliers only.

4. In the event any of the main trailer component, including the chassis (frame or top platform), wheel axles, drawbar, or sidewall is found to be defective and repaired three times within the guarantee period, the owner shall be entitled to replacement of the trailer or, at is option, to a complete fefund.

5. All trailer’s metal component, except axles on some models, are hot dip or electrolytically galvanised. This is mainly intended to provide anticorrosion protection. Zinc in this anticorrosion coat slowly (for up to sveral month) reacts with oxygen in the surrounding air. This reaction results in the loss of lustre. It is not a defect but normal oxidation process. Zinc in the anticorrosion coat is not resistant to acids, salts and some chemical agents. Corrosion of zinc resulting in white staining is not pleasing to the eye but it does not in any way diminish the anticorrosion properties of the galvanising coat. Claims based on occurence of minor white staining on galvanised surfaces will be rejected. Our guarantee does not cover corrosion pits, extensive staining and other effects arising out of exposing the galvanised components to salts and acids. In order to avoid damaging exposure of galvanised elements to salt, especially during winter, please follow our simple maintenance guidelines in the instruction manual.

6. Our guarantee does not cover the following:

- Normal wear of consumables and wearing components: Tires, light bulbs, bearing, etc;

- Damage resulting from overload;

- Damage resulting from exceeding the speed limits;

- Damage resulting from failure to follow the instruction manula;

- Damage resulting from authorised enhancements and modifications;

- Damage resulting from use of unapproved of third party replacement parts;

- Refund for hire of replacement trailer;

- Any loss of profit, business contracts, opportunity, goodwill or revenue due to failure of the trailer;

- Damage to the vehicle towing a trailer and other vehicles.

7. All claims must be submitted at the place of purchase, whitin 14 days of claim failure. If submitting the claim at the place of purchase is not practicable, the claim can be submitted directly to the manufacturer .

8. We will be happy to receive any comments you may have.

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